About Digital Marketing Weekly

Why did we start Digital Marketing Weekly?

It all started in January 2015 when Brian J. was dissatisfied with his employer. He drastically needed to make a change, so he began to search for his #newventure.

Brian searched numerous job boards, fortune 500 companies, and start-ups. After finding and applying to a number jobs for many weeks, he concluded that there were many jobs going unnoticed.

Brian realized this was an opportunity to display all the jobs that were not tailored to him, but wanted to help other people find these amazing career opportunities.

He created a short list of these great job opportunities and shared this information with his friends, family, and co-workers. The feedback and number of jobs he found on a daily basis was overwhelming.

Brian wanted to share this valuable information with others outside of his network. As a result, JobHired.io was founded.

In the course of sharing the JobHired.io platform outside of his network, Brian ran into the “If you build it they would come,” roadblock.

In order for Brian to share this valuable information with others – he discovered Digital Marketing.

In learning Digital Marketing he discovered Content Marketing from CopyBlogger, Email Marketing from Andre Chaperon /Ryan Deiss, Social Media Marketing from The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and the list goes on…


Brian continued his education from trial and error and made progress in sharing the value of what JobHired is about.

He managed to reach 600k+ Tweet Impressions in 28 Days, increased his Twitter Following to 9.6k followers and his LinkedIn network to 6.1k+ and growing.

As a result, Brian realized again that this would be valuable information to share if he knew what Digital Marketing content to study in the beginning.

As a result, Digital Marketing Weekly was founded in 2017.

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